Fuck it happened again.
Tumblr mobile app u suck.

When we wake up in the morning why do we automatically assume we are waking up the next day. What if you slept for 2 days or more without realizing it. Or that the day before was just a dream and you woke up the day after? Or even more?

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Why do I expect that someone will hear my words when I am not speaking loud enough? Am I too quiet or am I just not speaking enough?

I feel more and more stupid. I’m feeling more and more stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Dumb piece of shit.

suddenly getting more and more angry.

i give up.

i kinda wanna smack someone/something right now.

kinda getting angry at life now

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i think what’s really bad about creative blocks is that you can’t draw and write, so english homework is out, drawing is out, and what is left for me is to cry about anime and continually scroll down tumblr.

slowly losing all my motivation to do anything

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firefox looks like chrome now

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I don’t wanna do anything anymore.

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Every time I go to the bathroom I get paranoid whether or not I went to the right bathroom…

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